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secret of law of attraction mastermindbyrodalangrana
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linseed flour / kefir
There was a short article on the above .. 

a thread of a conversation on FB and the words 
below represent my comment.

The first thing I do when I read such stuff is to admit that it is dumb to say the least. The next thing is to tell myself .. Roda you are lucky you know different and I then proceed to say a small prayer in gratitude thanking my lucky stars that I am able to accept my thinking patterns as perfect. And I smile to myself .. a cheshire cat just licked a lot of cream.

The only thing true is that nothing is bad ... since we create with thought .. thinking something to be bad then gives it that inference. If you accept everything as a creation of god for our joys then it is so .. it is so.. it is so. That is its truth. I live by this principle alone and that is what I receive as my result.
Spirit even showed me some amazing stuff. If I sat down to a plateful of something delicious and which I loved .. how it could make it not feel so good. And I would be mad and say to myself .. sorry wrong number this food is delicious and I am enjoying it too and the feeling would go and I would instantly start enjoying it. Literally my tastebuds would open up to taste its true goodness.  
It was one way to understand how things happen with us. 

And a lot of it depended on my mood at the moment .. if I was feeling bitchy .. then no enjoyment  was 100% going to be my experience. If I faffed .. I paid with losing joy.

The best part I know how to turn that around for my life through my book MasterMind. Alas the rest of the world does not have this type of knowledge and so get challenged to lose.
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