She is Asha ... her name divine (pronounced asa)
    means TRUTH .. ahuric virtues
    And me .. she did find .. as Vohu Mun ...
    As her truth supreme .. years 4000 old ...
    to equate with my MasterMind.

    She brought her truth ..
    came unto me
    And waited until I could
    Find her connection to the LOA ..
    For wasn't I born to complete this task ..
    Begun in the mind of God.

    Do watch my video on My Miracle ..
    I was zapped when I did see ..
    My face merge with that of Zarathushtra
    One into the other .. we did become ..
    When as my task I chose ..
    To preserve his words for future gen.

    This task too was given me .. by Mazda ..
    For I did not want to do it at first ..
    I kept putting it off .. one reason or another
    Until Mazda promised to hold my hand
    And then it was .. oh so easy.

    I was sad when that work did end.
    I did ask Mazda .. aren't there more verses..
    For many are lost .. and there are gaps.

    Truth is often shared in words sublime
    They then become a prayer ..
    To share with all its wisdom true
    My Ashem Vohu is a law so true
    It conveyed in 21 words .. short and sweet
    The reason why mankind becomes God.

    It says be like a child ... want more and more
    Even more than you can believe ..
    For the God of your mind is a magician true
    He brings more than you can ask ...
    Its his power .. to bring his dreams to fruition.
    How would you know God .. if He never gave you
    His gifts to believe in Him ?

    When man is God ... he requires proof
    To show-off his migh supreme
    Without proof .. none may believe
    In possibilities of creation ...
    God showed me his creation .. his world ..
    Now I may show-off mine ...

    See .. come view my world ..
    Success is all I see ... as my world ...
    A much smaller space ... but mine all of it mine ..
    And I did create with God in tow ...
    As he is the owner of my mind.

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