Sunday, December 25, 2011


MASTERMIND SECRET TO THE LAW OF ATTRACTION When I received through my 6th sense the knowledge of how to empower myself with the secret of the Law of Attraction ... I realised straight away that I had been chosen to help as many people as I possibly could with the same knowledge that had been shared with me. In fact I did not want to be selfish and keep it only for myself. Immediately I found doors opening for me and my reach started widening. At first I resisted this sudden intrusion in my life and was hesitant at first to write truths (which to the uninitiated might sound like boasts or a propaganda to sell my own book.... even prolonging marketing my book manually for a whole year trying to convince myself that I needed to do more research, and that I needed to do a lot of work before I could deserve riches, etc. etc. till I realised that I was only trying to play small and thus denying my authentic self, which is counter-productive when I needed to lead the way by my own example. I have a natural and inborn talent ...that of a guide/teacher me what you will, my book MasterMind is just something amazing ....a powerful book and you will realize this only when you begin to read it. Whatever be "your problem" if you read its pages you will connect to "your authentic self" or be able to access the part of you that is connected to your maker.. God ... and be able to receive answers. This is no idle boast ...but you must seek its knowledge with an open mind and a humble heart. If you are critical it will not work for you. Love, tolerance and acceptance of all the people of the world ..... will change your life to that of a MasterMind.....and nothing and nobody can touch you and nothing can harm you, simply because you will come from goodness. It is a beautiful feeling and is immensely empowering. Become what you were created to be ... and learn to become a beautiful reflection of God ....somebody he would be proud to call his child. Its really not that difficult so go buy MasterMind and begin that phase of your life ......
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