Thursday, December 22, 2011


THE BEAUTY OF INSPIRATIONS - THEY TOUCH YOUR HEART My dear friend Freny suffered a stroke in the month of February and though she has come out of her coma she is at present still lying at home in a vegetative state. I often think of her and pray for her and I am convinced she will recover fully. And why am I so convinced. Let me elaborate. Just this morning (14th December) I was as usual out on my patio with my husband having tea. He was reading his newspapers and I who have given up reading the papers only read the Time magazine as a concession to knowing what is going on in our world presently. The Time magazine is wont to cover subjects of interest to me and it did not disappoint when it covered in their Science section an article titled 'A FLICKER OF CONSCIOUSNESS'(28-11-2011) which is on the study of neuroscience and how ill-equipped are scientists and doctors in actually understanding how much the brain functions in normal leave alone vegetative states. The article is very telling for it clearly states .. and I shall quote them verbatim " Most people choose to see things more lyrically; consciousness is the ineffable ghost in the machine that distinguishes us from plants and bacteria and perhaps even other animals - the quality that makes us wondrously special. But scientists aren't lyricists and Francis Cricks' mechanistic view has prevailed, with scientists treating the brain as merely another organ, albeit a highly complex one" This is a very sad reflection of the mental state of our times when even intelligent scientists are wont "not to give due to their creator" that there is a higher power that does exist and is capable of wondrous miracles that the human mind is unable to comprehend. Any and all knowledge does exist in our collective brains as all human brains are connected to each other and to the intelligence that created them and therefore we are capable as humans of acquiring the same when we tap into the "source of all knowledge" God and seek His compliance. If only scientists added the factor of belief into their collective thinking they would possibly be responsible for many miracles too and many lives would be turned around .....executed through their hands and credited to God. They have the capacity to become semi-Gods isn't that something to aspire to use your years of learning to actually be able to do good. So even scientists have the capacity to benefit from my MasterMind for it will help them tap into the higher power that can open doors of all knowledge for them. I quote here again " You want to change the world ?" asks Nicholas Schiff, a neurologist at Weill Cornell Medical College who along with Laureys and a Canadian research group, is in the middle of a 3 year project to study 500 patients with consciousness disorders 'GET THESE PATIENTS A 6 MONTH FOLLOW-UP BY EXPERTS WHO CAN DO BEHAVIOURAL ASSESSMENT. GIVE THEM A SAFETY NET'. THIS BY FAR WAS THE MOST IMPORTANT MESSAGE I TOOK FROM THE ARTICLE AND NICHOLAS SCHIFF GOES UP IN LEAPS AND BOUNDS IN MY ESTIMATION FOR HIS NEVER SAY DIE ATTITUDE. EVEN THE MOST VIGOROUS NEUROLOGICAL EXAM CANNOT CIRCUMVENT ANOTHER DIAGNOSTIC OBSTACLE WHICH IS THAT MOST VEGETATIVE PATIENTS DO NOT EMERGE INTO MINIMAL CONSCIOUSNESS UNTIL SEVERAL MONTHS AFTER WAKING FROM A COMA BY WHICH TIME THEY HAVE BEEN DISCHARGED FROM HOSPITAL. A FAMILY MIGHT TELL A NURSE GIVING CARE THAT SOMETHING HAS CHANGED ........BUT THE NURSE SEES THE VEGETATIVE STATE AND DISMISSES IT AS WISHFUL THINKING.' THE IRONY IS A VERY CRUEL ONE ... AS THAT IS OFTEN WHEN DOCTORS GIVE UP RECOVERY AT THE WORST STAGE POSSIBLE. THE FIRST FEW MONTHS AFTER AN INJURY CAN BE QUIESCENT TIME FOR A DAMAGED BRAIN WHEN ALL ITS ENERGY IS GOING TO RECOVERING FROM THE WOUND IT SUFFERED. ITS ONLY LATER THAT IT HAS THE LUXURY TO BEGIN RECOVERING SOME OF ITS LOST FACULTIES. Now I come to the real reason why I have penned such an article here. While reading through this long article in trying to understand what my friend Freny was trying to cope with in her vegetative state I pleaded with God to return her to normal. I have often asked for this as a prayer but I do know that sometimes when God does not answer a prayer he knows what is best and does things in his own time. Maybe Freny needed the time to heal her mind properly. So today I asked God another question ...tell me will Freny be healed completely and He answered me through the birds that yes all will be well for her. That was answer enough for me for God's goodness knows no bounds where his children are concerned.
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