Sunday, December 25, 2011


MasterMind secret of Law of Attraction.

If so then you are making a big mistake by shutting him out of your life. God is not apart from you instead God is a part of you ! 
When you realise the importance of this simple statement and accept it will find things going just the way you want them to. Just accept God as a part of you and watch magical things begin to happen.
If I tell you that God talks to me through eyelids, my'll say ...gosh I think she's lost it...she's gone nutty, bonkers and it amuses me no end. A comment of this nature in the past was enough to get me annoyed, miffed  and downright rude. But I am calmer now and say ......ah well....I am doing my bit by explaining to you good people  just how you too can get in touch with God...thousands and thousands of people around the world are doing so....and then I leave it to you to decide through reading MasterMind just what is important for you in your life presently to help yourself.

 To those whose minds I've opened through my book and my writing...a whole new world opens up of magical possibilities and limitless opportunities. To those who do not believe ...I guess they will just have to change their thinking........ if they want all the amazing things they wanted for themselves as a child but which some unthinking adult may have trampled on on your journey to adulthood. A bit too forthright am I ?? Ah well ...that's just the way I feel when people sit on the fence and don't allow me to help them. What do I hear you say just now ... speak up and admit it to yourself ..... you want the whole works.... well then don't let anyone stop you. Its your life ... and you have every right to want what you want , when you want it. Just feel lucky and blessed ...go with the flow of goodness in your life ...... the rest will be taken care of by MasterMind.

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