Tuesday, March 2, 2010



God is the greatest......its important to focus and believe on this very vital piece of our lives. I say that because every human being is a part of Ahura Mazda and how can we not be as we are all created by him. Its important to be a part of the world you live in, the material world - but its also important to be one with your maker in your thoughts. That way you can have the best...all that the maker has created in this world is yours to use freely.....to use for yourself and also to do good when you can. Most people horde money thinking that it may all finish one day....but the real secret to attracting money is to spend it - never believing in a lack - and it will come back to you manifold. This is the principle I have lived my entire life by and you know what - it works - for whenever my purse has a slight hollow in it - promptly something comes along and presto - its full again, enough and more for my needs. And nothing is too much to ask for... for God's goodness knows no bounds.

Ever since I wrote my book MasterMind I have begun to understand and attract many things. I have always considered my mind, my intellect, to be my finest gift. Its the one I prize and I always thank Ahura Mazda for its ever questioning presence.

Well guess what, all of you I am sure are aware MasterMind. By the way video blogging is the only way to market yourself online these days. Its like having your own personal teacher come to your house to teach you. And if you don't get it the first time....play it all over again till you do !

Belief , is the one key ingredient that will open all doors......so open your mind to belief.

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