Wednesday, February 17, 2010



Everytime I start to write you the title "Sir" comes to my mind. And to me it seems more like a pet name rather than a fuddy duddy put you on a pedestal kind of one. I wish you a speedy recovery and shall say a prayer for you.
I have heard as many videos of yours that I could, as I still perceive knowledge per se is freely available to all and sundry, more so because knowledge has value only to those who seek it, want it, thirst for it. To the rest its simply information overload.
I have been a collector of books my whole life, the written word being sacrosant to me and it was only a year ago that I came across the secret at a bookstore. I was actually walking down the aisle on my way out of the shop and the book caught my eye. I picked it up and told my husband that I wanted to buy it. He knew the futility of saying no for when I make up my mind thats it. And
so I bought the book. But it lay at home for the next six months before I actually picked it up to read. And as you mentioned about the book Think and grow Rich by Napoleon Hill where you read the book again and again to imbibe its every essence - I did the same too with the secret but all it did was create a hunger in me to know more. I did go to the book-stores again and again but could not make my mind as to which would make good reading. Until one day I was in the same book store again and I was in a foul mood for some reason and in anger I picked up another book, quickly paid for it as I was in a hurry and walked out with it. That book turned out to be the perfect sequel to the secret and I do thank the good lord for guiding me that day.
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