Thursday, March 11, 2010



America is seeing a downturn in economy as never before. America, once the strongest military power on earth has even today what is considered the orthodox tools of power such as battleships, soldiers and other materials of warfare. But the world we live in now no longer puts that much store by these so called riches. There is a quiet revolution starting, where the ordinary man, laid off from his job through no fault of his own and forced to give up his slowly picking himself up, dusting the dirt from his bruised knees and going into business for himself. YES I'm talking about the internet and its ability to bail out average folks from total ruin. 

Theoretically,this turnaround should have been spearheaded by the more successful guys, stretching out their hands and helping the small guys get back on their feet as the successful already have enough and more to tide them over and therefore should want to do something in return for the average joe (by whose money they have become rich in the first place). After all when the economy booms back -- which it is bound to -- as everything in life is cyclical in nature........ good days - bad days - good days.....they can go back to raking in the moolah !!

BUT......what is really intriguing what I have personally been a witness to,a little bit of history in the making. Some perfectly ordinary guys, laid off from work and totally at their wits end, desperate to salvage the situation they find themselves in......through the tenacity of their FAITH have managed to crack the internet code and started earning hugely. Their stories have brought many a tear to my eye, but that's not my point.

These guys who have ultimately tasted success are now going all out of their way to help others with their personal methods of success. They do not ask for much money in return so I guess they must genuinely want to help. Imagine that !!!!! I am a great believer in the power of BELIEF and  innate goodness. If you truly believe that a person wants to help you be successful.....why then no power on earth can do otherwise. Your belief in yourself + your belief in another's help....will surely get you there.

It is an amazing time in history that we are privileged to be living. No longer are people going to put up with the soulless life they have been living for past 50 or so years. Working all hours and travelling long distances have all taken a toll on family life and guess what.......that's the first area that is seeing a resurgence in happiness. People are beginning to appreciate the freedom that working on the internet brings them - to be able to spend more time with their near and dear ones, something they simply dared not dream about earlier as their right. I hear it in the stories they put up along with their success stories.

Human happiness quotient will take on a whole new meaning and people will not settle for anything less. Considering that God's first gift to mankind was the ability to choose happiness as a way of life, it is in line with God's plan ....don't you think  !!!!
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