Friday, March 27, 2015


How does one pray ... understanding the hidden power in prayers. 

Understanding gender issues from the point higher than current reality or the past. 

All life can be explained through words .. in this case I refer to adjectives ... defining or expansions of verbs. You understand me upto this point. Now .. Good / bad are adjectives but by themselves mean absolutely nothing .. for the verb .. thought / word / deed .. the verb (action) has yet not been attached to them. This is the first aspect of understanding results. 

To come to the second.

Grammar .. would you believe is the second most important aspect of manifesting anything .. it means bringing it down into current reality .. the NOW. When you have seen / heard something bad ... its already over .. its not in the NOW ... although technically it may have happened five minutes back ... but therefore all its various possibilitIes of improvement still exist as in the NOW / NOW is always the coming moment  .. just not there but waiting to be controlled through your thoughts. Listen carefully for nobody will explain this to you as well as I am doing .. for most don't .. repeat don't understand it fully themselves. This is one way of changing bad into good. Now is not the present ... for then as soon as the thought is thought .. technically it has already gone into the past .. this is the precise thinking of NOW ... which is the coming moment to explain it simply.

I am talking in context to the recent rape cases hitting us below the belt .. and it is not a gender issue as it is being made out to be ... let me explain and you are free to draw your own conclusions. Get the past out of the way .. for all the bad in the past controls our paradigms (results) BUT IT SHOULD NOT FOR THEN YOU CANNOT CHANGE ANYTHING. WHEN YOU REMEMBER THE PAST ... IT IS THE DOMINANT THOUGHT IN THE PRESENT .. SO IT CREATES ANOTHER NOW MOMENT IN THE PRESENT. I learnt to put this together through other experiences I had had within myself.
You are being controlled by spirit causing problems by planting ideas in your head ... these are not your dominant thoughts I sincerely assure you .. for within your self is an island of sanity ... that in stillness of the mind you will access into and will guide you right for your life. All other thoughts are planted to test you .. to see how vigilant you are to outside influence.
Anger is a dominant tool for goodness .. for when you are angry at something you do not like .. you have clearly demonstrated to yourself which side you are on. To help you grow spiritually .. it is a part of your life .. so get used to it but also learn to separate them from out of your thinking.
All energy wants to be treated in love. If you are a woman be kind to the male gender through your thoughts. If a male then the other way around.
Now to come to the important part of this message. Heed it well and you can change the world around for many minds thinking the same good thought creates a big good thought and when it is the dominant thought in the world .. the world is tipped to it and it is the thought that will be shared with other minds that need such a change.
In the world you will be considered an angel for you are walking around with your eyes wide open seeing what needs a rectification and willing to create it through your own self. A small prayer seeking a redress. Get that ... through your own self. So whether you be a man or woman it matters not for we change genders in our many lives but thoughts outlive time and space and must be given their due importance to keep the world a better place for OUR FUTURE IN OUR MANY FUTURE AVATARS. ITS THE SELF RECREATING THE SELF IN THE FUTURE.. AND IT IS A VITALLY IMPORTANT MESSAGE TO SHARE WITH EVERYBODY.
It goes without saying that who we pray to sees the love you hold within.
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