Saturday, March 21, 2015

LOVE IS MasterMind .. MasterMind is wealth.

LOVE IS MasterMind .. MasterMind is wealth.

True wealth begins from a different place than the one you think you know. It involves changing the mindset that you currently own. This is the only way and its not rocket science either. And though it could be reflected in any amount of numbers ... the requisite work must be done to see it manifest .. for that is free wealth .. something has already been given first to receive it.  To explain it through my work .. I wanted a second innings at life .. I was 50+ when I sought wealth from God .. I was free of family duties and I wanted to do good in the world.  Those 2 are massive boosters for any and every life. This is when you see the spirit of God manifest into your mind and take charge of the steering wheel. Just go with everything for along the way .. you will see your past life flash before your very eyes and everything that had bothered you then .. your mind will grapple with and sort out. This then is freedom to love the self unconditionally ... the true power to mastermind your way to success by seeing how it was done by me. I have created enough free material but the truth I will share with you just this once in all honesty.  

Give me the 99$ for the price of my book .. it is God's way to pay me in the real world. If you listened right now to any voice in your head not to buy it ... then some stupid mind is in control of you and wants to keep you stupid so that they can keep on controlling you. When I use the word stupid there is just the truth being shared ... knowledge and learning is in books and creates the good mind from where all good things flow.  

Love is the only way                       

To reach God.  
Then love forces you 
To be good to all.  
MasterMind with me 
I have shown you the way.

The act of giving 
Is the most sacred of all 
In the world of us as God.
It begins with life ... 
It takes 2 to tango a life
Without love 
This union loses its sanctity.

But the other love ...
Must first 
Begin with the self.
Do you love yourself ?
Enough ...
To even think about the self ?
By that I mean 
The deeper issues of the world
Good genes must procreate 
To keep the earth in
Balance of intelligent energy.

The poor breed like rats .. 
Just their survival instinct 
Is truly in place. 
They keep the world populated 
so there ...
is no elimination of our species.  

God ensures that all 
Are looked after .. 
The rich need the poor 
To do their work. 
The rich must pay enough 
To keep the poor 
Out of trouble. 
When a belly is fed
there is less reason 
To resort to thieving or robbing. 

The world needs money 
To upgrade the poor 
bring them into mainstream life
to make their numbers 
count in value.  

Its called taking the world 
By each individual
That reads this ..makes it
Their bounden duty.
To contribute their mite
Tobeautify its own mind.

 Only you are capable
Of creating a god through
the self .. 
By putting yourself in the
Direct flow of money.
Its energy !!
And sharing it forward.

There is only one thing more ... 
Any effort you undertake 
In business must work and
Bear its fruit. 
Be aware of the spirit of man
That is not all perfect
And walk yourself away from it all.

 There are more than 450
articles across my several sites .. each one is a lesson through a
story. I wanted to do the most thorough work for the world
and I succeeded .. but I paid a huge price in years of work. I promised to speak the truth through this work so that the pluses and the minuses are both understood. When one glosses over the bad .. we are giving it permission to exist .. but in fact .. the true truth is that God will only help the mind that comes to the wisdom of its sources of power existing in this world.  What I found was .. there was a huge huge difference from good / goodness / and
GOD. Being a God is easily explained ... it is the ultimate in 
goodness.  Now if this journey challenges you use MasterMind for it was that knowledge that brought me thus far.

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