Monday, January 5, 2015


Hello Roda,

I was looking at your profile and I noticed that we have a lot of similar interests.

I noticed that you are also interested in self-publishing and book marketing so I decided to invite you personally to join us in our 'Self-Publishing and Book Marketing Group' →

The goal of this Group is to bridge the gap between Self-Publishers and Book Business Professionals and to help foster personal interactions which are crucial in this business.

Hoping your experience will be helpful to someone and that you can inspire some of our members to follow your lead which will help grow your success and your career.


Hi ... you are right about my interests in self publishing and marketing and it is a tough biz for when I am writing about an eclectic subject like success .. most people are sceptical until you are able to get through all the thoughts that were their paradigms in the past .. their causes for failure in the first place. Yet they hesitate to break the pattern and it was astonishing for me to see that spirits through misguided thoughts were actually responsible for such mayhem in the world and my real marketing was to break the hold spirit had over the people. So it was marketing at a different level and I did need to become a spiritual warrior. This was demonstrated to me through the premise .. if you do not see many sales .. will I continue to do god's work in this world and continue to helping others or will I give up. The worst of it was when money was shown to me as doing bad ... through the devil ... but I clung to my original beliefs and wanted millions as my birthright.  I truly am busy to follow groups but I always record my inspirations on any of my several websites and you are free to share the links with any others you choose. But the best advise I can truly give you is the truth that MasterMind .. my book is what you should give your attention too .. for it affords you the freedom to own the formula for success and work with it with your own mind ... you very best is always there and never through another's writing. Another's writing is a trial and error method that needs to fructify and time for us is precious.

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