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As I have understood myself more and more .. this is one of my better articles with more in the same place .. the coming together of the NOW.

I have been known to give enormously helpful suggestions from out of the purity of my mind and have seen them being thrown out aribtrarily .. without them being given their due thought ... and I saw through my heart .. that when that power did not flow from the heart .. good did not flow from that power.
 .. i.e. god's mind .. an expansive mind .. is able to stand up to criticism for itself .. but also holds the ability to do right from out of itself ..  it was more politics ... I am in power and what I say goes. That is not good governance .. for good governance is all about being inclusive .. i.e. taking people under your wing ... holding really powerful thoughts of their goodness being present for you in the now .. and god is created momentarily from out of the self .. and it must give .. and a good piece of work is done in effortlessness. This bit I was able to write from out some random experiences I have had in my recent past ... and let me share the secret .. it uses the power inherent in a master mind to mold from out of itself.  Now you know that god had a hand in my book .. for even when I did not understand these lofty principles of the mind .. I was using them.

My most precious gifts are those I received from god's intelligence.  Now all of of them are already in the world and I would think it awefully funny when I heard that and saw in our reality that barely a small percent actually owned intelligence or knew how to harness its power. But my mind was my biggest ally ... every time I read something in the everyday world .. bits and pieces of knowledge that tend to flash before our eyes from time to time and remain just that .. random pieces of blessed knowledge ... I saw what others could not do ... the ability to read more from out of it ... I could go back into my learning of MasterMind .. to connect the dots ... and be able to see it from god's own point of view .. or to put it better ... world consciousness ... or many minds coming together to create a god in me in the moment. 

Then I understand how energy bends would be a rude word for the purity of giving visible through it ... allowing me to make the knowledge my very own .. for it is God as the true owner who plays no favourites with us .. for if we hold the capacity to use it .. it is ours to own .. but love fits just right. A woman's mind is just that wee bit softer and puts up less resistance .. so energy flows to women are the easiest to obtain. 

That energy gives .. wealth from out of itself .. I saw in one clean stroke ... what I had heard of the law of attraction that all one needs to do is to be true to oneself .. i.e. hear this carefully ... be good in your innermost heart ... even when something caused me angst when I did not understand it fully ... like my sales in the millions ... I did not change myself completely to what spirit of the past wanted me to be .. i.e. I did not bow when it did not please me ... instead I just stuck to my guns and at times commanded my desires in strict and firm tones and energy would obey me.

And why should it not .. when my innermost intelligence wanted to share itself with others .. who are also energy I do not own .. but can feel for. After all my sales were mine from out of mind alone ... I certainly do not need to go around asking millions of people to buy my book .. now that would be certainly foolish. I tried all the ways of the real world from time to time but had to return to the real world from out of mind which alone and alone controls the world through goodness. 

I heard a scientist explain through physics how the cell and the empty space around us .. is actually teeming with energy .. raw energy waiting to be recreated .. there is so much energy waiting to be alchemised .... it is a higher form of flipping.  Flipping is a recreation through destruction .. death and birth.  Alchemy is the potential to treat all energy as goodness and hold the capacity to make it better from out of the self ... i.e. creating a god in the self .. from which all good things flow. Understand that alchemy in the real world means refining raw metals to cull out gold. Similarly the mind too holds such potentials within itself .. and I saw through myself my own work being this alone.  

God is the ultimate refinement for the world ... truly lost to mankind when the church is given short shrift ... removing from man all the graces that connect it to the world at large. If so many individual gods create themselves as the lone wolf .. but do not hold the power to be all through it .. the world may end up more sorrier than ever.  I was tested and tested ... spirit allowing me to grow as a god .. but not giving me free rein until I returned back to the all story of us .. but then since my own riches were locked up through it .. it was a no brainer really.

that is becoming bigger than it already is through raw intelligence applied correctly around us communicate 

That I hold this potential for myself and know how to effortlessly bring it into me .. like now ... energy is crawling all over my face ... feels like the lightest touch and moves at speed ... then my whole face was energy and it is now only above my lips.
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