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law of attraction mastermind by roda langrana,
secret of law of attraction mastermind by roda langrana

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random advice given to friends

Q)  So the Universe is ourselves ?


yes ... this one is the real answer ... the universe is in our ourselves .. I have mentioned before how the world revolves in my chest cavity .. sometimes in my head .. sometimes in my stomach .. in fact every other place too .. practically every spot in my body has been covered ... sometimes they are very tiny vortexes like at the tip of my fingers and toes .. my wrists .. my back. It is the sensation through which God showed me how I may know that what I ask for .. he gives. In simple terms it is the rewiring of my dna for my future, eliminating all the wrong that had happened in my past like illnesses, etc and creating new pathways for abundance in all areas of my life flowing to me effortlessly. I also am able to flow out of me all that I do not accept by using the signature of God .. the blueprint that can be seen through mathematics.It is one of the most interesting ways of communicating with God .. no words spoken just a pictorial acceptance or elimination .. of the thoughts that keep flowing to you.

Q) The person who tries to keep everyone happy & always cares for everyone is always the most lonely person. Its 'strange' but it''s fact....

Roda Langrana ... It is true .. we all have many many friends ... but the soul journeys in loneliness with the self .. so that is the experience that you are having ... for nobody else can ever come between you and your soul. It is a singular experience. This is where you can be good or bad and there is no judgement .. for you are with yourself only. Kinda sounds like how God is supposed to be ? So we all know that this journey can only be in the mind. But to the uninitiated it is like stretching your hands out in the dark to see what you can feel. And yes it then is your ability to analyse your feelings and come up with a different answer than the ones you have been accepting for yourself up to now. When you begin to read MasterMind .. it will show you how great and grand you truly are in mind. It will then allow you through a love of the self .. to let go of inhibitions ... literally a release of the tension you feel in the body .. when you read this ... for it is pushing you into the light . Picture yourself going on to a stage for the first time .. the stage is in darkness and suddenly all the lights come on and you can feel the butterflies in the stomach .. but the dye is cast and there is no turning back. And suddenly you are a different person ... you have pulled yourself up into your mind .. a razor sharp focus that looks straight ahead ... having experienced that first rush ... you become comfortable with yourself. Having read MasterMind ... it simply allows you to feel comfortable in whatever scenario you find yourself. A confidence given to you for you were born a winner. It was always within you ... only you needed the words to help you believe in yourself. Even an average everyday life can be lived in the greatness of God's shadow for no matter what you do .. people will always see you as an individual with a difference. They will see your soul spirit for it will be in full view of everyone. Now there is no need for feeling small or hiding.


Yes have heard of them before for life is littered with them and do understand that it is only the strong that can beat failure. For one has to be strong to admit that success is still on its way. And maybe it has a way of eating into the ego .. which is when .. as a I explained earlier through the story of the hammer and the nail ....  God has perforce to step in to close the gap between the failure and its success .. for now the world is watching and a message is being left for posterity. Its a matter of the trust reposed in faith and belief which must speak up to redeem itself. And you thought only mankind was ever put on the anvil. But there are limits to everything. If you keep accepting failure permanently .. how and when are you going to let success take its place ? Well let me share that God is put there too through us .. and the matter is a do or die situation ... do or die of what must you question me. It is the dream I speak of. It is the dream in every mind that must come to fruition if God is to exist at all. Otherwise life is only mankind ... for the personality of a God is to be allowed to create in the likeness of the Master Mind and perforce God must make an appearance.

From my personal experience I do know that I may not expect the world to see me as I see myself right away .. but God is always known to open doors within our minds to see the progress I was steadily making with my book. I am a dreamer of big dreams and small does not excite me.  I love living life kingsize ... anything less would be doing injustice to 'the fine mind' that God blessed me with ... an injustice to the giver of such gifts. That would be impossible for me.

Come mastermind with me ...
I AM THAT I AM .. MasterMind

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