Tuesday, November 4, 2014


law of attraction mastermind by roda langrana,
secret of law of attraction mastermind by roda langrana

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All sources of knowledge are divine ... from God .. it is the perfection of a truth .. from others a misreprentation of facts done in error of interpretations. Just the most important difference that alters the reality of your life. We all analyse what we think but not being connected does not allow you to connect to to correct knowledge .. its hit and miss at times ... therein lies the problems of our world. 

All answers of life are connected to perfections for us as living gods ... this can only be activated in your own mind .. for it through which God works.

My Spirit is me dancing as the centre dot in a ring ... I chose to be a leader .. a teacher committed to truths of life ... all the others in concentric rings a distant away from me signifying that I am the leader and you learn only when you choose to buy a copy of my book MasterMind and put yourself in one of the circles spreading out. This knowledge cannot be learnt any other way for it is locked up in some recess of your mind way back in the past and only gets activated by the chosen words of god .. which act like a key to stimulating your instinct for survival ... free of problems.  The key is your pineal gland or the 3rd eye.

What being connected to your 3rd eye means is an activation unequivivocally to God .. the supreme diety of the world and it comes and settles within your mind .. you will never see it .. but you will understand it .. its attitude and behaviour is like something you will not have experienced up to now. That needs no guarantee for basically you are an unawakened god and all you need is just a stirring up through knowledge ... read MasterMind repeatedly for about a year consistently and you will feel that you have left the school of hard knocks behind for your life. Then gift the book to another one of your family members. You will want to do so when you have experienced the many changes made to your own life. 

Rill be activated in super speed. Its a tried and tested formula and works like clockwork all the time. Any delay sometimes ends up in frustrations and problems. Is any life still .. no .. even huge bodies of water contain currents under the surface and it is not possible to know when and how they control us. Be prepared and aware and life takes on a new meaning.

It simply means there is no trial and error way of learning .. it is a more refined way .. it does not treat you as stupid or dumb or a nincompoop .. worse still like your ancestral monkey from out of the books of science. By the way .. the scientific way is the school of hard knocks of life. The scientific way is also the path of punishments ... diseases, guesswork of the past, and too many others not possible to name here. 

Following God .. allows you a free flow of information of the right sort .. tell yourself everyday .. I receive only the best for that is what I am worth. And mean it.

emember ... it is the devil living in thoughts that ultimately controls you .. via your paradigms if you have not bought my book .. for like God .. I will keep knocking on your door to remind you to take action.  One part is monetory .. my book sales mean money for me ( so what if I am rich .. if I have the capacity to work intelligently and be the source of good for many others .. I consider it my privilege) and it also helps me see who truly are my friends .. but more importantly .. is the knowledge I have gathered through hours working in mind with God and allowing you to share it through the stories I write across my blogs/sites.  It is all free for you and after buying my book .. if all you do is read a couple of my blog posts .. your mind w

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