Sunday, March 23, 2014


An analysis for a budding poet and our conversation on Facebook.

Everything is
At a distance.
Or the sense of it,
Even the morning star
So lost under the drifting

view it closer ... get positive .. this philosophy pushes everything away from you. In your desire to be the other end of the spectrum make sure that life does not leave you by. See everything from your own perspective .. what you want and what you don't want too. When I began my journey as a writer I made a promise to myself that I would not die with my words still on my lips .. rather I would make sure that life paid me what I wanted for creation. This is a lesson I understood to be correct for as a kid I read a lot of poetry and found a lot of poets had not become famous in their life time. That is unacceptable to me and neither am I humble or forgiving of any injustice done to me. In the ultimate analysis it is each one for themselves and only God for us all . Be worthy of recognition and God wakes up to see you as one of his stars.  I accept only complete allegiance to me and my work and I receive that which I demand. With the trillions of people in the world .. if you want to stand out .. you got to be a cut above the rest. God did share that poetry is the highest form of the written word and I don't know whether you have read any of mine. There are plenty and spirit held my hand in the initial stages by forcing me to write poetry.  They were simply hastening my process to success by pushing me in the direction where god wakes up and takes control of your mind ... when you link to God as the creative force then you must be positive. You could of course be negative too but in your mind be clear as to what brings success. Its an elusive star but focus and humble it ... build your own id.It then becomes the ego .. what the world tells you to let go. God is ego .. the privilege of thinking perfection of truth into your life. Not everyone is capable of it .. but through my interactions with you .. I see it latent in you. you just need to be pushed in the right direction. Talk to me if you so desire and I can explain things one on one.  This is the way God and spirit showed me was the true path to success. I am better than all in the past .. I asked for this gift and through it receive all I wanted. If you want I will create a website for you to put up your writing. One platform of storage is necessary. FB keeps moving on .. you can repost on fb. Phone me and come over and your website will be yours in less than an hour.
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