Thursday, February 11, 2010


Such a simple word, understood by everybody, not unknown to anybody and yet one of the most profound words of all time. Its depth really not understood by everybody, nay not understood  by almost everybody, except a chosen few. I use the word "chosen" not in the context of somebody else doing the choosing. In fact  - the chosen few made the choice themselves. They chose the power of belief. Now you may well get exasperated and think I am deliberately talking in riddles. In fact I am doing nothing of the sort. To those clued in to mind psychology it makes complete and utter sense. 
I choose to believe in the power of belief and that makes me one of the chosen few. The Secret, Law of Attraction, Law of Manifestation and every thing else connected all work on the one grand principle of belief. What you think is what you will be. Its as simple as that. Did I say simple, well actually it is anything but simple. Ask all those connected to this philosophy, the masters who have been practicing this for years and they will tell you that it is very easy to keep tripping yourself up. Belief is connected to your conscious and your sub-conscious mind. You may tell yourself one thing - but if your belief in it is not one hundred percent and there is a slight niggle of disbelief at the back of your mind - presto - like magic you have undone all the good coming your way.
Now matter how hard you try to convince yourself ......that niggle was what won the day and  poof...everything good coming your way vanished is a magical puff of smoke and..................need I say more !!!!!!!
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