Tuesday, April 4, 2017


SUCCESS If you liken it to a hen laying eggs ... youy've got that bit right. That a hen is capable of laying many eggs in one lifetime. That they need not all be together ... but scattered over a period of time. After this success and egg laying part ways. Success is culled out of the mind ... eggs are physical in nature and need a physical form. Not all eggs may hatch .. in which case it is called failure. Not all failure is sine die especially of the one linking to Holy Spirit. It must and will fructify. This does not need an elaboration ... It is the way it is. Over the last 6 years I have randomly helped strangers with a bit of truth as the situation demanded and I have never tired of doing this work again and again. Go to any wisdom that is shared with you with an earnestness of a desire to learn and it will never never ever close its doors to you. Everything I ever write and share have been my personal experiences and I did not have a teacher except God's wisdom and it showered love beyond measure ... till I reached the stage where I could be boastful about myself. Well that is the only way I can express it ... for it definitely goes into higher realms of existence where what you think and speak touches a different nerve altogether' Here I moved in a rarefied field of existence ... the Mind accepting its perfection through the self. Sometimes my one utterance bringing me its results and sometimes when I did not like to exert myself into the frame of mind required for such a task .. I would repeat myself ... thus keeping myself firmly on terra firma .... something I needed to keep a keen eye on when trying to guide others. I was fond of saying to the negative spirit who found it her raison d`etre to come and die within me for I never gave her any space in my mind. In form and shape we differ .. I am Mind .. the Good Mind and I am always a blessing and you work by punishing the body ... a physical transmutation which destroys. The layers to which this wisdom opened itself upto me defies the very fabric of what man understands on this subject. Some have a clue .. there are traces of this wisdom in writings I have come across BUT AS FAR AS I AM CONCERNED ... THE PROOF OF ANY PUDDING IS ALWAYS IN THE EATING. DOES IT CREATE IN THE MANNER I WANT IT TO. IS THE END RESULT A PERFECTION THROUGH MIND ALONE ... YES. THEN IT IS WHAT I SAY IT IS.WISDOM (GOD) SHARING ITSELF IN THE PHYSICAL WORLD BUT THROUGH MIND ALONE. NEVER EVER SULLY THE NAME OF GOD IN VAIN ... WE ARE HUMAN GODS IT IS TRUE ... BUT WE ARE NOT INFINITE ... UNTIL WE LEARN HOW TO BE THAT. GOD IS ... I AM .. THAT I AM ... NO BEGINNING AND NO END. Then you may teach yourself to To see a World in a Grain of Sand And a Heaven in a Wild Flower Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand And Eternity in an hour. William Blake From the first day to the last I could never find it in me to ever be friends with it ... it just bounced out of me to never return. What would you call this thought creature that I just spoke of .. the sub-conscious mind ... welcome to the world where it is wise not to trust the thoughts that keep flowing in randomly into your mind. Their one agenda is to propagate themselves through you .. they are the past. Let sleeping dogs lie. That is why it is called his story or History. Not your story unless it contains truths ... then it is definitely your story too.
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