Thursday, May 4, 2017


my thoughts are not my karma when they did not take birth in my mind but came from other dirty minds. Devil Spirit does this dirty work by pushing their thoughts into your mind so that you suffer their punishments and they can then get rid of them. Tough luck man ... the world is a screwed up place .. and it is out to screw others again and again and best of luck to you.

I saw this ... karma for the world when you are forced to keep company with a devil god. When evil through spirits is all around us in the world ... I did not care to know how they do their work for in thinking we differed totally. I am a good thought always for myself but the devil spirit does hold all the bad thoughts it shares with the world. 

And they tried very hard to make me believe that their thoughts were my thoughts too .. but they were not ... my consciousness allows me to see how spirit tried to control me ... but I would not give in and killed it from out of me. Evil is a terrible curse but it could not harm me for I would not allow it ... but it may use your mind to hurt others ... even that I do not allow and will curse it and curse it for eternity.  

Live through the choices you force on others .. punish yourself as a dirty spirit. I am that I am and I will not judge myself when everything else is millions of times worse.

This is no story .. this is how spirit works and we see the bad that is happening to so many people in the world ... it is time to beat them hard and take control of your own mind ... you will be shocked how so many things that happened in your past that you did not like ... were actually forced on you ... just so that you do not love yourself. For the minute you begin to love yourself ... you will be able to change the many things in your life that you do not want or do not like. You will then begin to see the power that you own in your own mind. Begin with MasterMind for you do not know how to do it on your own. Positive words in MasterMind read again and again do the work at a level that makes you understand yourself.


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