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All ways are my ways ... I stayed close to the divine spirit expressing itself in me through my choices. This is the way I began but I saw how love of God is misused again and again when I interacted with the world. It was an eye opener to see my innate dignity rise up again and again .. giving me back my power again and again when I was with myself as a master mind. I have been in the grace of the giver ever since I created my book MasterMind ... a life expressed without fear .. for many threats were shared with me through many spirits .. whose fears I ultimately learnt to mock. They brought Jesus and the Pope and Barack Obama and post that I saw them spout what they should have been doing in the first place.

I even allowed myself to cuss .. just not out loud ... something I just did not think was right ... but heard Jule Andrews mention that she did that too during the making of Sound of Music when she was forced to do things she did not like.

On my visit to the Louvre I saw some awesome sculptures ... huge sculptures .. 2 which I can write about here ( I shall post the pictures later when I upload them). One was of the lion attacking and killing a large snake. The word serpent has been used to defile the energy of a snake ... a true characteristic of it as I saw it in my mind was the hood of the protector. Let me explain it .. brotherhood/motherhood/sainthood/ and you can add hundreds more and I chose the role of the protector through the hood when my mind showed me the snake .. but I saw no serpent .. just wisdom to right all wrongs. I just told myself .. I see nothing wrong .. just feel loved .. for that was the role the snake played in my mind and I now know why ... I had once gently guided a large snake out of my garden a long time back .. even when I was fearful of them back then. Its energy came back to bless me now.If you care to analyse how god's energy works in many ways .. just picture the snake charmer. When it plays music the snake dances to its tune ... similarly god's energy will dance to any person playing music to call it out. This my dear is my perfection .. I just feel so sorry for all those missing out on such interactions through the fears they hold for other energy. And the icing on my cake .. I once was a scaredy rat too .. even jumping at my own shadow ... but I no longer fear the most fearful of all energies .. that of God the Creator for I matched it eye for eye .. gave as good as I got ... till just a slight turning of my head ... I can change thoughts ... end thoughts in midstream ... predict a thought trying to penetrate my mind and flick it from out of my radar. I learnt the hard way that mind is not a receiving station for all the crap the world is full of. I have perfected my mind to such an extent that I see thoughts ... so that I can deal with them ahead of time. It is understood as controlling reality ... and often goodness controls entire realities of the world when done in consciousness. I have heard a few jealous remarks from time to time (if the cap fits .. wear it) directed at me .. but when I am all I know I am ... they do not matter ... it is as if a fly is trying to irritate a rhino ... it is the universe playing out its charade with me as the God. Strengthening my hand more and more when I no longer need that energy ... it stops playing its part for my life. And on and on I go ... in and out of MasterMind ... it is no longer valid for my life for as its creator ... I once owned its inner energy and have released it for the world in the most supreme gift you can ever hope to own. A life .. that you still exist .. is true grace of the giving mind. My mind sometimes shows me the follies of some that call themselves masters. When I met Deepak Chopra he was sniffing with a cold and all tense that he was giving an interview to the Readers Digest. He tried to hush me away ... little realising that I had come to him with an amazing gift for his life. Mohan Sivanand .. the editor of Reader's Digest .. who stopped to chat with me for a while ... only had one question for me .. how was I able to afford staying in 7 star luxury ... something even he was not able to wrap his mind around. Had I told him that as a master mind nothing was good enough for me ... it would have been hard for him to understand .. so I let sleeping dogs lie. Would he have fainted if I had told him that that is what I have been used to in ever increasing ranges of higherness of grace. Just a capacity to be. Just yesterday the most peculiar thought was shared with me just as I opened my eyes ... I was shown Jesus Christ's body ... that was the thought shared in my sleepy mind .. but it could have been any man .. its back was to me ... being gently laid to rest on the ground. It was a clear message to me that the man no longer ruled the world alone. Did I come to a wrong thinking through this message ?? Universal spirit of devil tested me again when my mind was its true self ... just from out of sleep ... I could not be cunning in my mind and spout an answer through careful thinking out a clever reply ... it was my heart talking from its true place of goodness ... there was finally an equality for the woman to rule the world too. For equality is the true giver ... might is not the true right but the power of the mind to be its all .. neither gender should crave power over another .. I feel sorry for the spirit that needs to have to do so. For I have come into my own. The past will no longer defile the chaste spirit of a woman .. for it is she who is the true creator ... Mary Magdalene who was equal to Jesus for it was she who carried on the work long after Jesus's energy was removed from the world. Just a story for me ... but no confusion in my mind as to gender equality .. for only those who are poor in mind try to seek control over another energy by dominance. True power is capable of expressing itself again and again and just the most appropriate tune is playing in the background ... memories from Cats showing me how spirit of giving must dominate even when others may not be allowed to do so endlessly. Many wrongs were done to me .. a misuse of my spirit from out of the past. Just yesterday I returned from Paris and my left ankle was slightly swollen with what I presume was gout trying to express itself in me. And yes when I tried to figure out why ... I remembered that I had enjoyed tuna / many rounds of pink salmon / sea bream / sardines etc. So I just looked down at my ankle and addressed it directly in a stern voice ... you are gone ... I do not know you. A couple of hours later the swelling had totally subsided and there are no traces of it having been there.

About a couple of month back I don't remember how my big left toe nail suddenly started turning black. .. I do remember hurting it years back in a mumbai local train . So I looked at it .. felt a sadness at the memory and laid its ghost to rest. I flipped its energy back to love through myself for perfection is my want. I just accepted that it would grow anew in perfection and this is just what I see. My journey to goodness began in anger ... when I refused to accept all I saw in this world and dared to question god through my mind. My mind in absolute insouciance told me .. go set it right. A lesser mortal would have wondered how .. but I began in right earnest .. never being phased for an instant at the enormity of the task . which when I tackled daily seemed entirely doable. I did not even realise that this began when I was 50 ... read some books and thought about it endlessly till at 55 I finally understood what I needed to do. I am now 60 so it has been a good 10 years. Do I accept what that means ... yes I do .. I am a jedi master on the law of attraction and I challenge any other energy fighting for the same title. I reserve this right for myself for I can explain truths to the most mundane minds in our common world in absolute simplicity while reserving the right to understand their complexities for myself.

Just forgot to add that the snake's main food is ... r a t s !! Its meaning is metaphysical in nature ... the rat's nature is prevalent in many minds and just like the abode of the rat which is underground .. the ratty nature of the mind is hidden deep within the mind and is seldom visible on the surface ... but you must have the ability to pull it out and take control of it. To my mind a waste of energy when I am where I want to be. But the soul extracted a price from me through my good mind which refused to see anything as faulty .. till I achieved the fine balance of not needing my soul at all .. ever. I am living here and now .. not any spirit or soul or any other nonsensical stuff that seems to want a slice of my pie .. but I am the whole so I was not prepared to share anything or have a hole carved in me. Was I dough nut ... come to think of it ... I admit that I am ... but not the tough as nails variety that grab and take but rather the softer and more rounded dough nut. Yes ma .. I like the phrase ... a dough nut I am .. I am. And just as dough does rise to double its size in order to be ready to be baked to a perfection .. my dough was of the money kind ... and the more I gave .. the more I was ready to receive .. for the balance finally tipped in my favour. How much ..... hard to quantify is the truth .. for it stopped mattering after a while .. even when it did matter ... wisdom was my real thirst and I had the key to slake it however and wherever and whenever I wanted it ... it took over my life and I know this to be the true victory for my life. Money I can command from any source and it holds the power to come to me .. but wisdom when it comes .. it is a sign that as matter I finally do matter. Not everybody owns a key to all the riches of our world .... but the one I secretly coveted was this one .. of wisdom and I never let up in reaching that goal. It forced me to see myself as I really was back then ... and I learnt to let go .. I released all negativity from out of me .. having worked through MasterMind to doing the work most crucial .. preparing the future children through my mind ... It is the only one that will allow you to sit on the right hand side of God ... not the left. Learn to be kind to your future ... show them the path of wisdom from an early age ... for they too must in course of time be you once again .. the child is the father of man. That is true wisdom ... creating a better world for the future ... knowing that all life is but a constant work in progress.

Of course soul or universal spirit will also make you think that everything is all wrong with you ...but if you revert back to God the Creator within you .. you will not be able to make your peace with a spirit that is constantly judging you as faulty .. you are its only hope in order to portray itself in a good light. So who is this mythical creature ... why .. it is your soul .. your past lives ... everything suspended in mid-air ... unable to land .. for I never did allow it .... which confuses you with so many rubbish thoughts that you are unable to have clarity of your own self as a creative god by forcing you to be a destructive god .. that too .. the ultimate irony .. your own life is under attack ... for you must either accept a good thought to create in or reject it in order not to be destroyed by it. This is why it is important to understand your life as constantly being regenerated minute by minute through your vibrations. A change in thought is your main protection when you are wrong. This speed determines your nature ... metabolically and metaphysically .. the mind and body duality. Now do you understand your role as a creative genius if your mind will only permit you. It is why it is so easy to make any change in your life .. if you muster up enough courage to believe what I share here with you. Your doubts will destroy that which god tries to create through your own mind. Your answer is to understand the mind .. the giver and the taker .. that which gives you is obviously a creative force. That which takes away your perfection of being a god is of course the devil .. taking what belongs to you .. your life is your one shot at perfection. Heard of Yama the god of death. It begins its deadly work with thoughts ... then words .. and finally the action .. the end.

The one aspect of our lives that I understood through the many lessons that I was forced to experience .. was that god or goodness can only be seen as pro life ... then it is you or you are it .. makes not a whit of a difference ... did I love myself enough to call myself a god .. yes I did and the more I did so .. the stronger I became ... for the soul or universal spirit which I call the devil was forced to let go of me. And the world is under the impression that the soul is that part of us that is god ... god is merely life ... all of us existing own a life .. aah .. but the million dollar question .. how much will you dig and delve and force truths from out of life. It has already all been shared .. at least once somewhere ... aaahhh .. another million dollar question .. but where ... what I learnt to do is to make wisdom come to me by beating up the devil again and again. And lest you have not understood even now ... everything about life is an idea or a thought / word / or deed. All of energy is pro life .. when you understand this power ... BUT THE WORLD UNDERSTANDS IT NOT ... WHICH IS WHY WE SEE PEOPLE DYING AT ALL AGES .. I CARE NOT TO LIST OUT ANYTHING ANY MORE ... FOR AS A CREATOR I DO NOT NEED YOUR ENERGY IN ANY WAY WHATSOEVER ... FOR THE LESS I INTERACT WITH YOU ... MY POWER REMAINS WITHIN ME ... I SHALL HOWEVER REMAIN THE LESSON ... TAKE IT ANY WAY YOU WILL ... I HAVE FOR LONG BEEN LIVING ON A DIFFERENT PLANE OF EXISTENCE AND AM OUT OF BOUNDS TO STUPIDITY / IGNORANCE.

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