Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Just my personal opinion as an absolute outsider to politics

When I bumped into Rajdeep Sardesai last Saturday .. I had asked him when that particular show would be aired so as to see myself on the telly. Alas though we were there ... just a blink and we were gone and if I didn't know I was there ...nobody else was like to see us too.  But just watching the shoot ... which to my eyes was just downright silly ... endlessly walking up and down the same bit of ground so that many shots could be taken just to get the best one ... made me see it in its proper perspective .. not as something glamorous but just plain old work. So I watched a few programmes on politics due to my sudden interest and I realised that politics was just a mug's game. You have got to have a really thick skin or you might end up in hospital. Sometimes the way they traded insults ... it became fun to watch after a while when you see that outside of that arena so many are even acquainted with each other. And the best part of it was that the only person being attacked was Sonia Gandhi and of course Manmohanji too. And the lesson I took with me from those few episodes was that I was in total admiration of one person only in this game of politics and that was Sonia Gandhi.  She has learned to brush off all those 'SEASONED' politicians as mere flies on her wall. She is neither affected nor does she hit back openly .. showing me the immense power she wields within herself. She has been there for over a decade and India needs to salute the woman whom all have spared no pains to bring down but who stands tall running a vast and divergent country with an iron hand. It begs questioning that why is the environment so unkind to a person trying to do a good job in the face of such stiff opposition and yet I am at peace that thanks to such people .. our reasons to trust in goodness and justice still cannot be toppled so easily.  Sonia Gandhi you are shining beacon doing a thankless job ... may people see this in your lifetime and give you the just praise that you so richly deserve.  
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