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My video on manifesting :

I AM GOD. In  our world all knowledge is but for our use. Do you see yourself as a baby god desiring to understand yourself better.  The knowledge in MasterMind has been around since time began ... it is in the zoroastrian religion which is more than 4000 years old. Something which has stood the test of time for 4000 years already and will continue to be so for as many years as mankind will take it upon themselves to keep it active.  In fact those who have seen massive successes through it and have known of its existence will keep passing the baton on into the next generation. Its like a relay race with time as its only control .... faster .. swifter .. stronger.    When you read the articles on my site .... I say that you must begin from certain premises of acceptance of us as the gods of this world. 

It will make complete sense to you right away .. for it is you in your  very core .. your inner self  ... and that is why you are here .. for you will be forever pulled to your greatness/goodness/righteousness. It is the god in you .. your mind .. who pushes you to becoming better and better at understanding your own capabilities .... for these are the bits of knowledge I knew and found to be absolutely right for my next stage of life as a leader in our world ... for what is the purpose of acquiring such an amazing mix of knowledge that allowed me to see everything in our world but in so many varied layers that there was a bigger giving of the same knowledge. Our mind is like a flower .. the outer petals allow us to see one hue and as it begins to open its inner petals ... the beauty of the softer and more delicate core.

So I gathered all the nuggets and placed them here for me to keep on expanding my core competences.   I allow you a glimpse of them too ... for you to understand that as a God all matter is for the use of us as energy beings. 

This will be the backbone of your belief systems ... that success is but a step away but you need knowledge of understanding of the principles of creation ...  to push you to the next level .... its all through thought by the way ... for after I created my book MasterMind which does not give you any advise but rather empowers your mind from within to understanding how souls of Gods converse and therefore give and receive from each other. That is why I have to sell MasterMind to millions all ... for it is your fundamental birthright to understanding our powers of creation. 

I needed to understand how and why so much energy was being moulded by me through the power of my good thoughts causing a positive change in the universe and propelling the universe forward with just one single act ... i.e. of sharing MasterMind. As so many spirits crowded my mind playing all the different types of people in the world .. I had to help them walk out of every limitation they were placing on themselves .. in fact once more proving to myself that MasterMind was good for the whole world.  My mind did not grant me my success just like that ... for when  I had decided to change the world through my burning desire to help each and every one who needed my help and I was so sure of my capacity to do so .. my mind went about proving to me the truth of everything I have ever written. There was so much energy flowing in and out of me all the time .. I physically felt it always and though I took the rough with the smooth ... I was the one in charge of everything. God stood by me holding my hand all the way showing me how much I really understood his ways ...  for like the Queen of Hearts in Alice in Wonderland .. I am fond of bragging that all ways are my ways. 

I have and still own big dreams and they mattered at one level, if you understand what I mean when I say that I was willing to wait till I thought I was happy that I had finished the task I had set for myself ... but instead I learnt the most empowering knowledge that allowed me to create a universe within myself and I carried all my future readers of my MasterMind .... like the gestation period before a new birth within me. It was not an easy time for though I am the most powerfully positive person I know .... I had to tackle negative minds of spirits (not in a bad way ... they pretended to be the children I wanted to influence the most and were up to so much mischief and were never quiet. Anyways that phase is now over for I have learnt the final lesson on success i.e. the alchemy of matter. 

Again and again my angels showed me that I was the boss and whatever I said and did was fine by them ... which made me want to be absolutely thorough that the thoughts I shared was in sync with positivity for I was carrying the universe forward through my decisions and that to me was a huge responsibility. 

The knowledge of where God may be found on us has been recorded for posterity by me as Source Energy shared the knowledge with me directly. God is our aura and this knowledge has been patented by me through the creative commons platform. I shall go into more details on this in future. It is the source of my fame and the gift of God's miracle which he promised me when I began my journey with spirituality. It is the reason why MasterMind is a gift from God ... for it shows you the way through your own powers activated through MasterMind. 

In the knowledge of our world ... an energy change is the only constant .... this is understood through the laws of physics as ether is the universal matter ...  is the only constant ... everything is created through a mix and match of the specific negative charge of every electron and its combination with positively charged protons. Different combinations of electrons and protons create different atoms of energy. An electron is nothing but 2 forms of force. An electron in a grain of sand or water is the same and is duplicated in the entire universe and is the basis on which the whole universe operates. The different speeds of its revolution or vibration  is what creates the different states of matter along with different quantities of positive and negative electrons. Therefore the physical state of any matter can be instantly changed through a changing of the composition of the number of positive and negative electrons. 

What a marvel of God the creator who created everything from the tiniest of the tiny to the largest star with the same philosophy of creation. Alchemy is the electronic change of atoms through the methodology explained above.  The electron is considered the universal particle with which nature builds all material forms. But an electron is incomplete in itself. This is why scientists who are trying to separate the Higgs-Boson particle as the God particle have not still seen success. For the Higgs-Boson particle needs a charge .... given to it by the electro-magnetic field surrounding all of energy beings. In us ... god is our aura ... without his energy we would simply be matter .. but with him  .. we are energised matter .... with the power of picking up his thoughts and thus becoming powerful. I accept god's light for my life for I have experienced it for myself and am comfortable in its presence ... just like a second skin.

The one reason why MasterMind is the book that will outlast all books on the Law of Attraction is for the simple reason that God the creator worked through me to make the world understand that there was more toMasterMind and you than you may see on the surface. For the way forward for us is to simply know that whatever we may want is ours for the taking .... after all god's world must be for me / myself first and foremost. Why .. because of the first three words of this article.

Though the knowledge that I share with you through MasterMind is for the express reason of creation ... anything and everything that you want and desire ... you must first begin to take baby steps to understanding yourself as pure energy. Its the perfect blend of science and metaphysics.  

So let me begin with science  ... science encapsulates physical matter from the largest star to the smallest grain of sand .. that which you see as every particle of physical matter is always in a continuous state of highly agitated motion. Nothing is ever still although all physical matter may appear to be motionless.  Nothing physical is solid .. it is but an organized mass of revolving molecules. The electrons of all physical matter .. even something as tensile and strong as steel is of the same matter as you and everything else.   

Everything appears different because they are made up of different combinations of atoms. Electrons in each atom is always the same and carries a specific negative charge but their combination with positive charge induces creation through its rate of vibration that creates a different physical state. Thoughts too are a state of matter and they pass through the brain and carry on flowing endlessly around the universe. This is why the Law of Attraction comes down pretty strongly on us to be firm in the thoughts we think and not fall prey to randomly held thoughts of other minds.

MasterMind will open up your mind to think for itself and to seek and find your higher good.

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