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Za  - divine / shining
Ratush  - great prophet with a message
Thra -   causative suffix (denotes the causing of something to happen)

The whole name means .. one who will proclaim to the world a divine message / a world teacher.
It is said that Zarathushtra was born in the astrological sign of Gemini or the Twins. This is significant for he was the first prophet of mankind to share the knowledge of the twin spirits Spenta and Angra  under Ahura Mazda … They represent Life and Not-Life. Life is consciousness … God .. Spenta … and not-life Angra. Zarathushtra explained about the unity of the Godhead .. i.e. Angra bows to God’s commands. The duality that exists in nature or creations is but for us to realize that the giving of a good life to any individual is through knowledge. When you understand that you are God’s consciousness …. Spenta … his Vohu Mun … this is it …. this is the perfection of life …. existence is consciousness.   And it is the only awareness from where everything is a continuous flow. 

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For some time now I have been aware of my twin in my head and we are forever yin and yang … till I pictured it as me sitting on both sides of a see-saw .. one minute I may be down but in the next I am up again ..... but when I wanted to do  God’s work in this world … Angra being God too .. offered the knowledge of his other side to me to understand him. How did I understand this … my angels would keep on touching my feet and I would wonder at that action.

Then a voice in my head explained it to me … they are the next generation and they are doing pranam to you for all the knowledge being re-created by you for good consciousness ….  shared through the power of my mind … as throughout my journey with MasterMind …. I felt gear wheels in all conceivable parts of my body recording my thoughts for posterity.  It has often been said that a being is a complete universe unto itself …. And this is what I was witness to through my own self.  What I saw myself as … was a benign being giving of itself to help rewrite the way the world sees itself. I did begin to understand God’s lessons for our life … how God stands in our way(he is a guide) by showing us his duality …. This is the line I have drawn …. upto this line you are safe … cross it and I withdraw that protection to you. You will understand what I mean when you read the story of Sita and Ravana ….. and Sita crossing the laxman rekha … out of goodness of spirit.  Only the very good reach this level of spirituality when they finally understand that good and bad are but experiences to test our knowledge …. we play around with them for they are to help us pass the time ….. through them we may keep on learning to share love through the oneness of us all.
 But remember my lesson is to teach you to think correctly and I use many examples that are already existing in knowledge of past lives ….. of how mistakes were made and how we must teach ourselves not to repeat those mistakes. When God trusts me to be his goodness he  steps inside my mind to allow me to be all I want.

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