Tuesday, November 20, 2012




It is now 5.00 pm and God {through the parrot}  and me were busy talking as I was clearing up the tea things. Rather it was more me thinking and God answering me via the parrot. I have the habit of singing songs ...whatever I hear being played at home and sometimes changing the words to suit me in praise of God.  All of a sudden God told me to keep quiet and listen ... so stop I did and within a few seconds this song started on the telly on my f-i-law's tv. The song was in hindi "jab pyar kiya to darna kya" which when translated means "when you have loved me truly there is nothing to fear". When he spoke..... the song had not yet begun and yet he was aware of what was going to play. 
I am always left amazed that God often predicts my thoughts even before I have thought them ... in other words I receive "ideas" from him. I was asking God for something very dear to me and his answer through the words of the song literally made the hairs on my body stand on end .... for though I am used to conversing with God 24/7 .... this was one of many of his most direct messages to me and as usual love was the message conveyed through it. I am used to my body vibrating any and every time of the day. I just think to myself .. Mazda where are you .... and instantly some part of my body vibrates and he lets me know that he is there. God shares things with us through love ... his most abiding gift to us all.

Don't you want to have the same experiences as I do ? Its very very possible.  When you are in this state ... it is the most powerfully healing moment in your life. Your breathing will be so slow and you will feel totally relaxed. Its like having years added to your life. I do not use glasses to see, my eyesight is as sharp as a kid's. I am dropping weight naturally, I never suffer from illnesses, I never fret about the amount of food I eat ... I eat all I want for I am a foodie. I could go on and on and never stop ... but guess what I don't want to be a spoil sport for you. I want you to have your own amazing experiences with MasterMind ... and be amazed by them for yourself. That's half the fun of life ... being able to do things for yourself. When you get really good at it ... imagine yourself as Mary Poppins snapping a finger and things begin to happen. Its possible you know .... and it all begins with the faith to get MasterMind.

Just the last thing I want to say ... I have written about all the things I did with MasterMind ... but you can do whatever you want for your wants and desires may be different to mine and they will work like clockwork each and every time ... just stick with them till they arrive.

............ love ..........Roda

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