Sunday, June 10, 2012





Life is funny and tremendously profound.  Growing up I considered myself a feminist and yet though I thought myself to be one I don't think i was ever good at it.  I have had a lot of male friends growing up and my relationships with all of them were pretty cool. I think men are inherently really good people too just like the ladies ... it may be the circumstances in their personal lives that may affect them adversely .... however is true for both genders. Therein hangs a TALE.

Now what made me focus on this topic .... I have recently become aware of so many sites touting feminine power. Power by definition is something we may claim for ourselves but if it excludes a lot of people then I doubt the veracity of that power. True power is inclusive bringing all under its shade and
non discriminating of gender. 

However as all of us think differently .... I have chosen to partner with ALL and of 
one thing I am certain (where a lot of you are erring) is separating the masculine and the feminine personas. So in my teaching I consider the masculine and the feminine as equally important. If you look deeper you will find that we have a little bit of both genders in our makeup and likewise the men. 

Be tolerant of the men in our lives for it is only when we are together 
that a cohesive family gets created. Men too have their good days and their bad, they too suffer and when we think kindly of them ... we create an atmosphere of co-existence. All of us are trying our best so because we create our worlds with our thoughts ... just thinking kindly about your partner ..... brings you a beautiful experience from that union. Otherwise no matter how many partners you change ... thinking bad thoughts about them .... will get you a bad union every single time. Sad  but true all the same.

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