Monday, October 18, 2010

I am so so angry. This morning I got an e-mail from one so called hot-shot guru of internet marketing. He starts by saying how much he wants to help people who have not made any money online by giving some free tips on how to get started. And then he goes on long windedly on how these free tips are going to help us all. Reams and reams of stuff that only make empty and incomplete  promises……for then he says ….ofcourse you have to buy some silly course he is promoting in order to get that free information. Man….I ask you how is that free????  Do people marketing online understand that nobody will believe them any more if they carry on in this fashion.
And the most important question I want to ask them is…..where does a man who is struggling go. He might just like to buy a genuine product which costs an X amount of money but then he is assured that what he is buying is what he wanted in the first place and he knows his outlay however big it was initially was for something he wanted  and he might expect a reasonable amount of information in using the same.
I would think that’s what genuine buyers expect from what they buy…..the main product having the value paid for. I am sure everyone reading this is going to agree with me 100 percent.
To get back to the reply I sent to that e-mail I quote verbatim :
WHAT A CON GAME. you want to sell something why not say it upfront….is what you’re trying to sell an absolute con that you lead honest people up the garden path by saying that you’re giving them something free the whole darn page you talk about free this free that and you talk more of the free item than what you are actually selling.....
man talk about deceiving people….it would appear from your page that your free product has more value than the  item you are trying to sell.  That does not get too much of a sales pitch…which makes me doubt the authenticity of your product and gift to boot. There are good people who actually listen to offers made via the net and with  people like you skimming the market with the power of the money you put out to market your mediocre product people who are genuinely trying to make an honest living on the internet are left out trying to convince that their  product is genuine.
If you are genuine about wanting to give something free …do it without a caveat. I am a late entrant at marketing on the net and I am sometimes left zapped at all of this. It’s not the way I would like to do business. I am so confused that the way I am marketing my book …just giving out free content genuinely ….is that good business sense in the present scenario ?
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