Thursday, July 22, 2010



Spirituality begins deep within the heart of a person and so to every individual with even a slight knowledge of psychology and thirsting for the more profound and difficult knowledge of the universe -which is the relationship between thoughts and their resultant actions. 

It is difficult at first to understand and grasp that how we think affects how we will behave.....and thus what we achieve. 

Zoroastrianism's tenet of good thoughts, good words and good deeds will inevitably move you closer to God and those who follow this - closer to world harmony also called frashokereti.

There are many truths that other religions may also hold true as their own - for example the existence of ONE GOD AND THE ULTIMATE VICTORY OF GOOD OVER EVIL.......but the fact of the matter is that these truths were FIRST revealed to Zarathushtra, who was a good and holy man. To him then goes the credit of introducing to mankind all of the most profound truths of this world !
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