Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I have almost completed the book I am writing where I hope the world to understand, appreciate and acknowledge the fact that it was Zarathushtra who first and foremost preached the wisdom contained throughout history. He preached that it is your thoughts that make you the person you are and it is your thoughts that can make you the person you want to be. In order to become the person you want to be - rich or successful, happy or healthy you must concern yourself with Ahura Mazda's wisdom which is truth. Truth by the way is the english translation of the Avestan word Asha - the essence of the 
Ashem Vohu prayer.
I have embarked on a journey of reading books like The Secret, The Power of your sub-conscious mind, Think and Grow Rich, The Science of Getting Rich, etc and to my absolute amazement I found the common thread that runs through all these books......which is.....as a person thinks, so it is. In others words and to put it simply you are what you think about the whole day. 
Well that is exactly what Zoroastrianism preached thousands and thousands of years ago and still preaches the same. This literally is the key to your success, riches, health, happiness, and anything else you may want in life.
The western world accepts all these great truths as the unchanging and unalterable truths of life......... but what baffles me completely is the fact that why are Zoroastrians not AWARE of all that is there in their religion to take advantage of.WHY DO THEY NOT SHOUT FROM THE ROOFTOPS THE GLORY OF THEIR RELIGION.  If they used the basic knowledge contained therein and topped it up with knowledge from other books mentioned above, why they would literally rule the world. But I want that  Zoroastrians forget about their declining numbers and actually actually spend time doing pro-active things like teach their youngsters their religion. And by religion I do not mean learn up long long prayers by heart but inspiring the youth. When you become inspired as a person you build up your desire to learn the wisdom contained in our great truths.
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