Friday, April 9, 2010


I would like to share what I found interesting about the way business is conducted online. Picture your daily vegetable vendor (my location Bangalore and they still do come) coming every morning. He will have priced the vegetables just that wee bit higher. When you don't buy - he will reduce his price just enough to tempt you. And when you still don't  succumb he will throw in those few extra chillies as a bonus. Now the deal is struck and both sides are equally happy. 
This is exactly how business is conducted online...and my point in mentioning this little snippet of information is to bring home the fact that scratch beneath the surface and all of the human race has so much in common with each other. From a sophisticated online marketing tool to the way an unlettered vegetable vendor goes about his daily business there is not much of a difference in the methodology.  You may assume that I am being too simplistic by comparing one with the other........but here's another lesson I have learnt from all the great books on metaphysics or mind psychology that I have read......that things that actually matter are really really simple at their very core.
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