Wednesday, September 11, 2013



Meaning of the "Ashem Vohü" manthra.

If a child tells you a beautiful dream, a wonderful story in which he/she has many wonderful powers and all things are amazing. If you tell him that life is just like that, and  can always be like that, you just told him about "Asha/truth." 
When you have aspirations/desires that do not limit your capacity, and enthusiastically wish for a world where all the ordinary restrictions are done away with and you put enough will-power and intensity into your aspirations, you have just invoked "Asha."
When in your dreams there is always goodness without limit, beauty, and a conscious and constant desire  for  success, a perpetual miracle and magic, that is "Asha". Even when your body feels its limitations, but you can still establish that luminous dream in it, of awesome powers, of marvellous possibilities....... you have just recited the "Ashem Vohü manthra."

When you  suddenly feel a strong feeling coming over you, that tells you [that even when things might not look  so great], there is a magical beauty that is trying to realize itself, that magic is "Asha."
"Asha" is all the wonderful possibilities that WILL manifest itself in light and joy. "Asha" is the awesome, and beautiful truth of Ahurmazd. Asha shows the true possibilities which the mundane world calls fantasy. "Asha" is what you should adore and draw to yourself and make it the object of your ambitions and aspirations.
"Asha" is ahuric virtues and  Asha is the divine in us.  Its invocation and its melody is  "Ashem Vohü" .
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