Tuesday, December 22, 2009



These two Primordial Principles in One,
Of Light and Darkness,
Good and Ill, that seem
Apart from one another,
yet are bound ....
Inseparably together, each to each.

In Thought, in Word, in Action,
everywhere .....
Are they in operation; 
And the wise
Walk on the side of Light, 
while the unwise ...
Follow the other until they ... grow wise.

These ancient two, in mutual wrestle -play
Give birth to Twin-Desires, high and low,
That shape as Hate-Mentality in some. In others
as the Better Mind of Love. O Mighty Lord of Wisdom, 
Mazda ! Supreme, Infinite, Universal Mind !,
Ahura ! thou that givest Life to all !, 
Grant me the power to control this mind,
This Lower Mind of mine,
This egoism,
And put an end to all  Duality,
And gain the reign of One - as is desired
Unconsciously, by even the graceless ones,
The evil sinners, in their heart of hearts.

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